A Prayer for My Pastor


Let me be a pillar of strength to help hold up our pastor and not a thorn in his flesh to sap his strength, or be a burden on his back to weigh him down.

Let me support him without striving to possess him.

Let me lift his hands without placing shackles around them.

Let me give him any help that he may devote more time to working for the salvation of others and less time to gratifying my vanity, or struggling with my indifference or repeated neglects."

Let me work for him as the pastor of all the members and not compel him to spend precious time in pleasing me.

Let me be unselfish in what I do for him and in what I ask him to do for me.

And finally, let me strive to happily serve the church more as he serves me less and others more.

In Jesus' name, Amen!

Some churches prey on their pastor. Pray for yours.

Today you were in my thoughts and I prayed for you...

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