Lord, I Believe

I ask the same searching questions
My grandmother asked, long ago.
The same God Who comforted her fears
Will comfort mine, too, I know.

The same stars shone down on my mother.
The heavens change little, it seems,
And life comes and goes like a vapor.
The same thoughts invade all menís dreams.

We search so hard to find answers,
Through space and through eons of time;
Through microscopes, atoms, equations,
We search for a reasoning mind.

But, He told us the way was so simple
A child would not err therein.
He told us that faith was the answer
And grace freely saves us from sin.

Suppose all of God, the Almighty,
Was laid out in ultimate proof.
Suppose equations and formulas,
At last, gave us positive truth.

How would our faith work within us?
Could we call it 'faith', again?
Could trusting be labeled as real trust?
Could grace be bestowed on us, then?

Once, He said we had Moses and prophets,
Indicating that that was enough.
And, continuing grace, love, and guidance
Tells my heart it avails from above.

For, as God placed the stars in the heavens
To shine on for eternity,
So the faith, in my heart, grows and blossoms.
It is truly enough for me!

Lord, I believe

© 2003 by Joan Clifton Costner

"There is One Name given..."
"For by grace are ye saved ... through faith ..."

...in Jesus!

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