A Cross to Bear

Being misunderstood can feel like a cross to bear. When wounded, people have found art, poetry, and music as avenues of expression. Even when our heart gets ripped, as others judge things not understood, God understands. There's comfort in knowing God is never blinded to our need, which offers wondrous things to share.

Sometimes, as we seek comfort in others, God allows them to fail because He wants to be that special person in our lives. Knowing such doesn't immediately eliminate struggles of emotional abandonment. We're glad God loves us. We just want another to care besides Him.

Once realized that none loves like God, He becomes appreciated in newfound ways. Then, we're ready to share with others ... "Do you know how special that is? Of all the people in the world, God choose you to reach down and love." He says, "You are so special to me. Would you let me be your friend?"

When people's response to us is, "No. I don't want to be friends," that hurts. Seldom do we consider how God feels when we say, "No," to Him.

We're created in God's image. Whatever we long for, He does too. He desires not yours, but You ... someone to walk and talk with, listening to His inner most thoughts as well as hearing yours.

Once realizing God's heart is like ours, the more we avoid noticing outward appearances - to see needs of other's hearts. Only then, can we begin to love like Him.

by Joyce C. Lock

Today you were in my thoughts and I prayed for you...

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