Our New Year's Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We know not what this New Year holds,
But we're certain that you do,
So we want to start this year off right,
We'll put our trust in You.

We know not all the trials,
and struggles we will face.
But we will rest assured in You,
and Your amazing grace.

We know that You are calling us
off to a foreign land.
We stand firm in the knowing,
It's by Your Sovereign Hand.

We know not how You'll do it,
We accept it anyway.
We'll take the steps as You lead on,
By faith we'll walk each day.

We know not who you'll lead us to,
But we're assured You do.
So let us witness unashamedly,
And reach those souls for You.

Thank You Lord for giving us,
Your love, Your precious Son.
To free us from our sinful ways,
In Christ, the victory's won.

Watch over, guide and keep us,
Each and every day.
We need You're loving presence,
Your Will for us today.

So Lord, we give these things to You,
our worries, and our cares.
We know by faith that You'll provide,
This is our New Year's prayer.

We give You everything we have,
all we are times ten.
With grateful hearts we pray this prayer,
In Jesus name, Amen

by Mike Bishop
Jan 1, 2002

Today you were in my thoughts and I prayed for you...

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