The Passover Lamb

Here's the story:

A friend shared an interesting story about a butcher at the recent Passover.

The butcher had volunteered to slaughter a lamb for friends to eat at Passover. He said that taking the lamb's life would not affect him. He was very experienced in the proper slaughter of cattle and a lamb would not be a problem.

The time for the slaughter came and without hesitation, he slit the throat of the lamb but some blood spilled on the butcher's hand.

The lamb, in its last moment of life, licked his hand clean.

The butcher dropped his knife and fell flat, weeping uncontrollably. He later confessed that he saw how the Lord (the Lamb of God) had made him clean by the giving of His life.

Life just isn't the same after you understand the gift from Messiah Yeshua.
It's a moment of truth that lasts for eternity.

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