Sometimes, we need to talk to someone, tell our troubles all.
We pick up the telephone and can't get through a call.
So, we have to call the operator, help to get us through.
That's why I call Jesus, dear God, when I need to talk to You.

He tells me this is what He does, will always intercede.
So, I call my Heavenly operator, when a talk with God, I need.
His line is never busy. We can reach Him night or day.
He will always be there waiting, because that is just His way.

It's as easy to talk long distance as a friend next door to call.
No money is required to talk to God as, through His operator, it's free for all.
No matter if we waited long and thought we never would,
He is so gloriously wonderful we found we surely could.

I've never found the line busy. This operator is surely on the ball.
He would never keep us waiting, when it's our God we need to call.
You don't have to press a number, talk to a machine or wait.
He is ever waiting to talk with us and tell us, "It's still not too late."

If ice storms, rain, or blizzards come, or if hail storms abound ...
No poles will break, no wires to fall and tangle upon the ground.
It's just a whisper away, to call our operator. Jesus is His name.
And tho many call all at once, He'll be there for all, just the same.

2000 by Pearlie Duncan Walker

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