Life’s Sunset

When that day arrives, that is destined to come to me and all,
Lord help me to be ever ready, when Jesus comes on me to call.
Help me to make it a habit to pray for family, friends, and me -
So, at life’s Sunset, it's the beauty of Heaven there we shall see.

Bless our souls and bless our country, in all things great or small,
That we might be ready to go with Thee, when Jesus comes to call.
In that great tomorrow, things will appear to be what they are not.
But, let us not let Satan put on our hearts a darkened blot.

Life’s sunset will be so wonderful for all of Gods’ children to see.
'Tis going to be in a new garden of Eden, where we hope to ever be -
Kneeling to the Father, who sits and rules from His brilliant throne,
Waiting to bring the glorious sunset - to truly bring us on home.

We will go from sunset to SONrise, in the quiet twinkling of an eye,
There to be with the Holy Trinity Three; in the sweet by and by.
No man hath seen the Glory of the Father. Yet, Jesus lives in a true heart,
Yielding all things to Him, and from us He will never, ever, part.

He is the one who made the universe, including each sunrise and sunset.
So, let us go, marching forward to His bidding, always believing in Him yet;
As did our forefathers, in the days of yore, doing His will each day -
To see the brilliant Sunrise, from life’s sunset, where we’ll forever be.

© 2001-2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker

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