Jesus.....Stop the Car

A friend of my dad's was driving through an intersection one day with his Little four-year-old son in the car with him. Suddenly, the car door flew open and the little boy rolled out of the vehicle right into the middle of traffic, which was coming four different ways.

The last thing the father saw was a set of car wheels just about on top of his son,moving extremely fast.

All he knew to do was cry,

As soon as he could bring his car to a stop, he jumped out and ran to his son, who, miraculously,was perfectly all right.

But, the man driving the car that had almost hit the child, was absolutely hysterical. The father went over to him and started to try to comfort him.

"Man, don't be upset!" he said. "My son is allright, he's okay!

Don't be concerned about it. Just thank God you were able to stop."

"You don't understand!" the man responded.

"I never touched my brakes!"

Note from Mike: I say, "Praise God!! He is so Good!" Right now, think of that certain someone who God has brought to your mind. Disaster might be heading their way and you may be able to see it coming, as the dad did in this story. They just might need His loving, tender touch right now. So pray for them and remember God answers prayer in a mighty way and He'll answer yours!

Today you were in my thoughts and I prayed for you...

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