It's Still the Greatest Story Ever Told


As Mary and Joseph went to the inn that night,
Little did they know the rooms were booked tight.
So the innkeeper gave them a room in a barn,
A place to rest from fear and harm.

But as the night moved on, the child did move,
And Mary knew what was to happen soon.
They made ready a manger of grass and hay,
And the animals gathered round for a long night's stay.

And as the night moved swiftly by,
The sounds were heard of a baby's cry.
Mary and Joseph smiled with glee,
But little did they know what this child would mean.

So Mary laid the baby in a manger there,
And the animals all watched as if giving care.
The angels in heaven did spread the news,
To the shepherds on a hillside who would visit soon.

Many came to see the babe
Wrapped in swaddling clothes and in a manger laid.
They brought Him gifts and so much more,
Like gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Then the newness faded and the visitors were gone.
Mary and Joseph took the child
and raised Him until He was grown.

This little boy turned into a man.
He was Jesus of Nazareth, a man with carpenter's hands.
He preached the gospel, healed the lame and the sick.
He fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish.

Then one day the crowd cried crucify,
And Jesus was nailed to a cross until He died.
The little baby who was so precious and new,
Became a man who died on a cross for you.

So this Christmas when you see the gifts at the tree,
And you think to yourself, "Oh, that gift's for me!"
Take a moment and think and say to yourself,
"God gave me a gift, and it's not for sale.

He sent it to earth many years ago -
It came through a virgin named Mary
who was pure and whole.

It was laid in a manger one cold dark night -
It was Jesus Christ, Our Gift of Life!"

~ Suzie Price ~
December 1, 2000

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