Two runners prepare for a marathon. One prepares by racing over hills and down the highways and byways every day. He exercises, strengthening his legs. He runs further every day, building endurance.

The second runner prepares by sleeping two hours extra each day. He eats a lot and does nothing strenuous to upset the condition he feels he is in.

The day of the marathon race comes. The 26.2 mi. course lies just ahead of the runners at the starting line. The gun goes off; the race begins. And guess who wins? Of course, the first runner who has done the right kind of preparation.

Two Christians prepare for a difficult time ahead. The first spends each day praying and communicating with God. He follows David's advice, committing to his memory the most helpful portions. And he keeps filled with the Spirit, adhering to Paul's suggestion.

The second Christian reads the Bible, but only on Sunday morning when in church. He prays, but only when he is at church or with the family at mealtime. And he thinks the preacher is right when he talks about being filled with the Holy Spirit. He hopes his children will someday be filled with the Spirit like he was when he was a youngster.

Then trouble strikes. The first Christian was prepared. He takes the difficulty in stride knowing God will help him through every aspect of it. Peace soon attains a column, assured, and deserved victory. The second Christian panics. He lashes out at God, at church, at friends, at family. He doesn't know what God expects him to do. He doesn't have the assurance of the Word in his heart. He doesn't have the help of the Holy Spirit, the "friend who sticks closer than a brother." In desperation, after exhausting all other means of help, he remembers to cry to God for help. In time, God helps, because God loves ... And He hopes the man has learned a lesson.

The first Christian wins an easy victory. The second wins an agonizing, prolonged victory that could have been so much easier.

My friends, which Christian are you?

Today you were in my thoughts and I prayed for you...

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