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Come As You Are

Have you ever dreamed of being such a wonderful person and devoted servant of Christ that: your heart overflowed with love toward you fellow man; others could truly see Christ in you; it would be a joy being upon your presence; people would come to you seeking Godly wisdom (their ears falling upon your every word); the moment you entered a room the atmosphere would suddenly change; whenever your mouth opened, the most humble words would flow; in your speech would come words of comfort, healing, and direction; you’d be able to know the needs of both those near and across the way; you could actually hear the voice of God direct and help you in reaching out to others, as if He were doing it himself; you could leave any situation and hear Him saying, “Well done?”

We’ve all probably thought, “That could never be me!” But scripture says it can ... that when we walk with God - we never walk alone, to open our mouths wide and let Him fill it, to encourage one another daily, and to follow Him.

You don’t have to do anything special to qualify... just come as you are, “Follow me, and I will make you fisher’s of men” (Mt. 4:18, Mk. 1:17). To follow is to listen for His voice and then to obey it (no matter how great or small). Then, it’s Jesus’ responsibility to do the rest (I Th. 5:24.) It’s that simple. All He needs is a willing heart.

© by Joyce C. Lock
Used with permission

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