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A thought from Jason
October 21, 2000


God's 100-yard Dash

When you were conceived, God saw you. When you opened your eyes for the first time...He smiled. When you grabbed your parentís finger and held on with such a tight grip, God knew that you would not hold it like that forever. He knew that with age, your eyes would see what this world has to offer. He knew that you would like pleasing things that would hurt not only you, but also would hurt Him.

What an amazing thing to fathom. When you were first placed in your motherís womb, God knew you. He knows everything you are going to say and knows everything you are going to feel. He is so interested in you. He lives for the moment you say His name.

He loves you... He loves you... He loves you...

When you took your first step, I bet God smiled. When you said your first word, God listened. And when you say your last word He awaits your arrival. During your life you will run away from God. It's not that God couldnít stop you. But He loves you, and what you want is what He allows. He allows you to run away. But as soon as you leave home, God waits patiently for you. He knows everything you want to do. He knows the deep desires of your heart. He sees your needs. He lives so that you might have life.

When you asked God to be your Lord, He danced over you. If you havenít talked to Him about being with Him forever, why not do it now? Because Heís waiting for... guess who? You. Yes you. Take your finger and point it at you. Now come home. The Lord wants you back. Today, praise Him for His unending love. The time that God runs is when you turn back and look for Him. The second you realize you are lost, He sprints to you. He doesnít care how much distance there is between you and Him. He only cares about getting to you as fast as He can; which is immediately.

Today I felt God run to me. The struggles in my life caused me to fall to my knees last night and beg for God to protect me from all the attacks I was getting. I begged for His arms. God held me last night because I was lost in my problems, but He ran to me... He ran to me... Read that again. He will run to you today. Whatever youíre facing, He will run to you. And when He grabs you and holds you, the enemies of darkness will flee. There will be a stillness that you have never felt before. So, now I want you to do something. After you read this, look up from your computer screen and ask God to come to you. Ask Him to run to you. Even if you donít feel like it, do it now. Please, Heís waiting to run to you.

Look out over your life, Heís coming, I promise you, Heís coming. He knew you when you were young, and He knows you now. He wants to run to you. So look up, ask God, yell for Him, whisper for Him, Heís on his way!

Luke 15:20 "And he got up and came to his father. But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him, and felt compassion for him, and RAN and embraced him, and kissed him."

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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