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A thought from Jason
July 2, 2000


Do you feel as if your sails have collapsed? Do you feel as if the stillness of the water in your life is not enough? Please allow me the time to tell you the story of a man and his sailboat.

There was the sailor, he had sailed these waters many times. He knew every wave, every wind path. He had sailed these waters many a time as a boy and now as an old man he found himself perplexed. You see... the winds had stopped. The sails which had always been filled by such a strong current of wind, simply now stood motionless, flapping every once in awhile from the natural breeze of the ocean.

The sailor sat down and scratched his head. Did he forget how to sail? Did he forget how to maneuver his boat into the wind? Could he ever get back to shore?

He panicked, he ran around the boat like a mad man. Searching for the answer. Searching for a paddle to get him back to safety. But he found none. He found nothing that would ever help him in his situation. He sat down on the deck tired and exhausted.

It had been several days now since the winds stopped. He tried to use his radio but it wouldn't work. He tried to signal passing boats but they didnít seem to care. Until one day he gave up and decided to go to sleep until someone cared to save him from his predicament.

Then he heard it, it was amazing, and it was coming right towards him. A wind so strong he couldnít even get his hand on the steering before his boat lurched forward. In half amazement he laughed and then realized that he was moving at a rate that he had never seen before. He even lost his hat in the process of trying to get his bearings. With contentment and relief the sailor was back on his way to safety and a home cooked meal.

Do you ever feel like the sailor? Your life seems to be at a standstill. No one can help you. Whatever you look for to help you, whatever you do never helps. You wait for an answer from God but nothing seems to come.

Well let me tell you friends, God listened to you and your answer is coming. We all have requests that God knows about. Whatís important to us is important to Him because he loves you so much. So much that when He puts you in a place in your life that seems too still, too quiet, too directionless, He asks you to wait upon Him. He knows where you are in your life that He has supplied for you.

Just wait in the stillness because He is there. He is always with you because He loves you. He loves you. Just read that again, He loves you and in your boat of life he knows that your sails sometimes go flat. Why? Because He is preparing you for something. Something so wonderful that it takes preparation, time, and waiting in patience for Godís wind, Godís direction in your life.

You might be waiting for an answer from God right now, but believe me, itís coming! And its coming with such a gale force that when it comes to you, you will accept it because you know it will be from His mighty hand in your life.

So get up in your boat and look out to sea. The waves might be rising in your life. You know why? God's hand is about to move you to His next step for your life. So put your hand on your brow, get binoculars out if you have to and look for the wind. Can you hear it? Can you see it? God is about to move your life. And when it happens your sails will fill up with His wind, His love, and His direction. Brace yourself for a ride, its comingÖ.just wait on Him.

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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