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A thought from Jason
January 10, 2001

I'll be back for you

Have you ever missed someone? I'm sure all of us have missed someone at one time or another. My best friend is gone right now and we are separated because of Christmas break. My heart aches to see her again. Sometimes I catch myself wondering what she is doing or wishing that she could be here with me. Though there may be separation, I know she is coming home very soon. This very thing about missing someone is what I want to talk to you about today…

Have you ever imagined what Jesus has to go through everyday just get some attention from you? Like a father He longs to hold you and to talk to you. His creation was for you and He created you so that He could put you here on this Earth. Why did He put you here? It was for a reason and that reason is for you to have an intimate, close relationship with Him. What strikes me as weird though is why would God put himself in so much pain and the feelings of missing us. When He placed you in your mothers' womb; He already knew you. Before the dawn of time; He knew you. Think of how many times the both of you have laughed at the same things without your knowing it. Think of how many times you have smiled and thought of Him. I know He is thinking about you, because He never stops thinking about you. His passion is for you. He was willing to give you up for the years you will spend here on Earth. Why don't you give him ten minutes today?

I think God must get a tear in His eye when you have the opportunity to spend time with Him and you don't. It hurts Him to have you so distant from Him. He is telling you today I'll be back for you someday but right now spend time with just Me. God formed you and He placed His ideas, passion and undivided attention into every detail of your being. He misses you and someday when He misses you too much something amazing will happen. You will go to be with Him.

I have a picture in my room that shows that reunion. It shows the servant standing with Jesus and Jesus is holding him. The picture is so beautiful because the face of Jesus reveals an emotion that we have a hard time explaining and understanding sometimes. He misses us. We are here on Earth and He is here but sometimes we ignore him. But when we come home after taking our final breath, Jesus will be there with open arms to welcome us to our real home. His face, can you picture it? Can you see the relief in his eyes?

"Welcome home", He says.

And He will hold on to you forever. His child has come home. You will never know pain again, never know evil, and you will be together forever.

So when you miss someone, take that and multiply that by 5 billion. That's the pain that God endures, but He loves you enough to let you stay here for a short while. His uttermost desire is that you will come home to Him. So are you coming home to Him? Consider that please, and if not please, please, please, ask Him to come into your heart and your life as Savior and Lord. He wants you to come home to Him when you take your last breath. Why? Because I cant imagine the pain He has to withstand by having to say, "I never knew you". I want you to know, today, before you do anything else remember this one thing; He misses you. Give God a smile today and spend some time with Him. He loves you so much. And if you have never spent time with God, then today ask Him to be the Lord of your life through this prayer…

Just tell Him: "Jesus, I want to belong to you. You are the Creator of my life. I believe You died for me and live today to give me eternal life. Forgive me for my sins and help me follow you all the days of my life. Be my Lord, my Savior and friend. Thank you that my sin is forgiven and for knowing I'll never be alone again." In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

… So do you hear a cry, its Jesus He wants you. He's coming for you.

Jesus said, "If I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto Myself, so that where I am, there you may be also." John 14:3

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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