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January 16, 2000

In the Stillness You are there

I apologize for not writing a new article yesterday but I have found my life almost spinning out of control. I'm having problems with my direction in my education, relationship with my girlfriend and practically my whole walk with God. I have decided that I am going to take a day of hiatus and spend an honest, whole day dedicating it to God and His direction in my life.

I have a lot of anger in me right now, but I know that this break away from the hectic schedule of life will be good for me. I'm looking for intimacy with God tonight and tomorrow because without him I'm nothing. I have noticed some different things today.

One, I feel so young. My mother drove an hour down to my college tonight to pick me up so that I could come home to the safety and comfort of my home. That very aspect of my mother's sacrifice is what God wants to do for all of us. When were in trouble and have no where to turn, we can call on God, and He will be right there to escort us to safety and security. The belief in eternal peace is sealed with the prayer of the needy servant and follower of Jesus. What a comfort that is, that the creator of the universe is waiting on the edge of His throne to just help, sit down with you and talk. That moves me. To have God love me that much is a healing in itself. With God we don't have to deal with dissapointment, an answer machine, or call waiting, He's just waiting for the instant that your heart trembles for his hand.

Two, the comfort of God's eternal peace is all that we need. When the world around you falls and shakes just look to the mountaintop where our Lord taught. The mountaintop of the beatitudes teaches us that our peace does not come from the crowds or the residents of this rock called planet, Earth. Our peace comes from Jesus and our dedication to Him.

Are we ready to expose ourselves to Him and tell Him, " here I am God"? "I'm ashamed and in need of your help." Or are we going to wait for Him to find us in our hiding place and say to us, "There you are, I've been looking for you, what's wrong?"

Wait a second, I think I hear Him calling your name will you cover yourself and hide or run into the open and ask God for the simple idea of help?

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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