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A thought from Jason
November 16, 2000

I Surrender

Have you ever felt like the world was collapsing on you? Have you ever read the passages of your life only to find that life seems so complicated, so horrible that life is nothing but a novel of pain?

Our Lord Jesus knew pain. He left the heavenly voices of angels to hear our imperfection for 33 years. He heard words that He would have never heard in heaven. He heard the people say, "Crucify Him!" He heard others say praise be to you our God. But he came to earth so that he could hear your voice.

He came to Earth so He would never hear silence from you. The pain that overbears your life is the silence He wants to crush. He wants to love you with a love you have never experienced.

Tonight, my life was overwhelmed. I felt a physical pain pierce my brain and my soul. I didn't have the answers to any of my seemingly endless problems. The problems seemed to overbear me. My brain went round and round again trying to get some help from within.

I always have to figure things out. I always have to have the answers. Why! Why do I have to love my thoughts when all I should focus on is God's thoughts for me and towards me? I love God. His love throws my pain off me so that He can hold me.

I can picture God seeing me hurt. I look at my circumstances and wonder how I can untangle what I have done to myself. Then the Lord speaks, and He says, "Let me help". I continue to help myself, and I continue to stumble, fall and skin my knees. The Lord sees all of this and starts to cry. He weeps because you can't hear Him and you won't let Him help you.

God is speaking to you today. Let Him help. Fall on the ground and say God, this mess I'm in is too big for me. Help me. And you will see and feel something you have never felt before. The master will grab every problem and cast it off of you. He wont stop until you are clean. All the while, He will soothe you with His voice.

The Lord comforted my heart tonight as I sat trying to figure out a load of problems. I realized that my life was overbearing me, I felt like I was at an emotional breaking point. Until I heard His voice, "Let me help".

I cried out to Him and before I finished my first sentence, the peace that I couldn't describe hit me with overwhelming force. The force set me free from my worries about figuring out every detail. The God we worship is awesome.

So is there anything that is overwhelming you? Is there anything that you can't figure out? I know someone who has every answer. I know the God that can eternally secure your future with Him. He wants to hold you forever. He's not contented with holding onto you and losing you, He wants you forever. Why don't you ask Him into your heart today? Why don't you accept Him as Lord again of your life? If life is hard, you need Him; all the time you need Him. Because He wants you. He wants you and He's willing to take on every problem face to face until He's stopped what's hurting you.

Let God fight for you today. Can you hear His voice? He's calling your name and He wants to help you. Look to Him and He will teach you that He can master any problem; He has the answer to every critical moment in your life. He has the words that you can't find. He has the answers, and while he's supplying the answer He will supply a feeling of peace.

Jesus wants you; so let Him help. Say in your heart, I surrender God. I can't help myself and you're the only one that can help me. Now if you feel hurt, despair, or you cant figure something out, pray right now that God will touch you and your circumstance. Invite Him to become that master of your life again.

He's anxious, I can tell, because He was anxious to help me tonight. I am weak right now, but God is holding me. There's not one feeling on Earth that I would trade for the feelin of peace that He's given me right now.

Jesus loves you.
Look into your Master's eyes, they're filled with peace.
Look at His hands, there pierced with mercy.
Hear His voice, "Let Me help."

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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