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A thought from Jason
April 20, 2000

The Arms That Never Become Tired.

I will be completely honest with you. Trust is earned by experience. Our human feelings tell us that to ask for help requires us to look for someone that will help us a little bit or even in the slightest way. Why do we want to settle for something so small when God can give us complete, read that again, complete sufficient tranquility?

You have to admit something to yourself. You are finite, you are human, and you are conditional in your feelings. But there is someone who isn't finite to your circumstances! He isn't going to handle things in a human careless way, and He loves you with a love that the universe could never consume. His name is Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 5:7, " Give all your worries to God because he cares for you."

John 14:1, "Jesus said, Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and trust in me."

Now I want you to read those verses again. God commands the sun to shine. He knows every movement of the oceans, but He has the complete patience and time to listen to every word you say, every breath you take. He is willing, (listen to this); He is willing and asking for you to trust Him. Sure, you might not have the most experience with Him, you might have a tough time releasing control of a situation but you must give up your control for God to work in you.

Can you believe that God wants to work on you? There are roughly 5 billion people in the world, yet He still can and will spend time with you!

I recently have been going through some very tough times in my life. This problem has caused so much pain in my life that I instantly hid myself in my metaphorical box and ignored the simple courtesies of treating people and my friends correctly. A friend of mine stopped by my room, here at Vanguard, and took me to a place called "Back Bay". It sounds like a simple inlet of water but I had something happen that I will never forgetů I talked with God!

What a concept! I actually sat down in His Creation and asked Him to teach me to trust Him in my pain and suffering. Have you done that lately? Have you gone to a solitary place and asked God to teach you and make you completely His. Please think on this now. God wants only you! That's why He wants all of your problems and by doing that, He throws them away, so that He can just help you realize that He wants to take care of you.

So, when you stumble and fall, immediately ask God to help you up; even when you don't feel like asking Him, because He wants you to trust Him!

The first step is yours; the rest will be riding on air, because He will be carrying you. Jesus loves you so much. Please trust Him because, your worries, your anxieties, will be lifted away from you. Take the first step, He is waiting!

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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