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A thought from Jason
September 18, 2000

Think of yourself as a city

Lets talk about a certain city that is very important to a lot of people. It has huge walls, gates for people to enter through and houses to keep the prize possessions. This city cannot be found here on Earth. It has safeguards and locks to keep the unwanted people out. Along the streets of this city bears the wounds of previous attacks from outsiders.

Can you guess what or where the city is? Well, can you? At first the city sounds like a normal place to live and reside but this city houses what we hold dear to us. What we hold dear to us influences us and effects our emotions. The city is your heart. The heart of your physical body pumps blood throughout your entire body but the heart that I'm speaking of is your spirit. The spirit or soul within you houses what you want to put in it. Hopefully you put what is pure in your heart but to be honest most of us spend most of our day shoving filth and sin into our cities. Why do we like to dirty our streets with such trash?

Have you ever allowed someone to enter your city or your life and they lead you on to trust in them. Later on you find that your cities streets or your emotions have been torn up, dirtied and forgotten about because of a person that you let get to close to the center of your world. That certain person that betrayed your trust or word has now infiltrated a part of your city that wasn't even made for them to stand in.

We all live with people. We talk with people, look at people and exist here with people but the problem is we really don't know how to handle people. Most people say that they know how to but they don't. Unless they have a throne placed into their inner circle of their city. Who sits on the throne? Jesus of course. Then before the person enters your city you take them before the King and introduce them. When the person who wants to deceive you, harm you emotionally or physically plots their scheme against you Jesus will stand and move you into a protection zone.

People will hurt us. People will go in and out of our lives but we must present the people in our lives to God so that he can filter out of our cities or lives the junk that we don't need.

So is there a throne in your city? And who sits on it?

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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