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Closeness....A Letter to My Lord

by Jason Bishop

To see Your face ; I yearn
To hear Your voice; I lean
To repeat Your words ; I am not worthy
To look in Your direction; I rejoice
To accept Your mercy ; I cry
To share my faith in You ; I am speechless without You
To look at the sky ; I am amazed
To miss You ; makes me serve,
the more I serve; the more I love,
the more I love; the more I share,
the more I share; the more I grow in You,
the more I grow; the closer I get,
to see Your face,
and I bow.
I hear Your voice and I am speechless,
I know Your every word; I am Your son,
To see Your glory; I am breathing with You,
To be in Your mercy; I am overflowing,
To see Your blessings; I see those I was used for,
To see all creation; I understand Your craftmanship,
not only from the beginning ; but in every detail
of my life.
So I look for Your hand,
I beg for Your sight,
because without it I am blind.
Your light makes the cloud dissappear,
and I breathe and exist in Your mind,
To exist and be Your shadow
I hope for
my hope is in You
my life and existence reside always in Your presence
If I ever run
trip me
keep me close to You;
For Your whispering is better
than Your scream for my return.
You understand why I ask why
You know before and after
if my eyes are opened ; then my eyes close
to this world.
When this world dies
then my eyes will never leave Your direction
absolute faith
absolute trust
absolutely consumed by Your love
Then I am complete
Lifes withered expectations becomes my eternal spectrum
because without Him my life means nothing.
His life means everything
He waves me near and I sprint
He guides me to a person in need and I embrace
He shows me where to go and I follow
He shows me the forsaken; I practice and see grace
He cries out for the lost; I grab my tools
my heart; my eyes and my apprenticeship
and I give my all
my all for Him.

In Your service,
Your eternal servant

A footnote from a proud father...
Quoting from our Heavenly Father's words, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well-pleased"...
Posted the day he wrote it, in its unedited form: August 1, 1999

Posted: August 1, 1999
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