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"Consider what I say, and may the Lord give you understanding in all things"
2 Timothy 2:7

A thought from Jason
April 5, 2002

The Hand That Never Lets Go

I have to come to know several things in the past months. First, God will always provide for you. And secondly, we must not think we can do anything, and I mean anything without God. Bear with me please…I know this may be very simple, but it's quite true. Without God, you are nothing. Simple as that, without God you are functioning on reserve and eventually everyone's reserve runs out.

Do you know what I'm saying? You might get up for school, work or for your day off and wonder, why am I really getting out of this bed? What is my purpose for this day? Am I really making my mark on this rock hurling through space?

Let me tell you in these past months, my life has been just that…waking up, opening my eyes and seeing tough situations. Tough situations that make my life, well it makes it hard to think too far into the future. Have you ever been there? Or maybe you're already there? Living the moments of pain bit by bit. You might be thinking, what will they say in the days to come? Here's something I have been seeing. It doesn't matter about what lies ahead in your future. What matters is what lies on your path right now.

Let me invite you to open your eyes tomorrow with a new direction. To know that Jesus sits on the side of your bed waiting to listen to you. He might even talk to you. I heard someone say once that Jesus is so passionate about you, that when you wake up, He's waiting for you to just to say good morning Lord, I love you...

I mean think about it. All day long He's trying to get your attention. The sun that rises is for you. The cool air breeze that drifts across your back is for you. The flower that blooms in the springtime is for you. His Son was for you. He loves you so much that He even gave up His only Son to die, that's right…just for you. The next time you wake up and think about your pain or hurt, just know He will do everything to let you know, He loves you just for you.

His promise is…

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.
John 14:27

Have a blessed day.... Jason

Continued later...

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