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May 3, 2000 to Sept 10, 2001


Past Inspirational Moments

Goals & Resolutions

Hello God!

Count Your Blessings

Anxious Moment

Taste Jesus

Special Sauce Prayers

The Trouble Tree

The Difference

He Cannot Save Himself

If I Knew Then

I may never see tomorrow

Beyond Death

Before I Was a Mom

Mother's Day Inspiration 2000

Trust and Faith Explained

Suggestions for Random Acts of Kindness

Puppies - A Heart warmer

Wisely Understood

Word of Inspiration

Lesson in Love

I've Learned (part 2)

This about says it all...


I want to go back...

Live Now

The Sense God Gave Geese

Job Wanted

The Breath of God

Thoughts Borrowed

Prayer Poem

Gardening God's Way

As I Prayed

A Father's Decision

The Speeding Ticket

I Refuse to be Discouraged

Footprints with a Twist

Our Sin Distorts...

It's All About Attitude

Your Heavenly Father Loves You

An Encouraging Word

Slow Down & Listen

Prayer Reality Check

Watch Out for Grime

At the Foot of the Cross

That's My Child

How Many Friends?


Dirt Roads

Do You Truly Love Me?

Words of Wisdom

Sound Familiar

Great Ideas

Fourth of July Facts

No Greater Love

Proverbs for a Smile

One Guy Didn't

My Personal 23rd Psalm

The Parable of the Fishless Fishermen

Prayer Answered

7 - Ups

Things to Think About


Back to the Time When...

The Truth of the Bible

Remember When

Remember the Duck


The Only Way is Up

Desires of Your Heart

What If?...

The Best Things in Life

Strong Woman vs. Woman of Strength

The Best Things in Life

Shake it Off

A Big God

Saturday Mornings

If a Dog Were Your Teacher

29 "Amens"

The Breath of God

A Simple Quiz

Fax of the Matter - Fear



The Call

Jeff Russell - Devotion 1

Elementary Faith

Be Still...

Angel Unaware

8 Gifts that Don't Cost a Cent

They Won't Let Me In

Others May -You Cannot

Three Trees

A Collection of Quotes

The Call

Heaven Must Be a Beautiful Place

Consider the World


Everyday Choices

George W Bush - On Faith

8th Grade Test

Be Still

Dear Mr. President

Faith Is...

The Storm

Indelible Love

The Master's Card


The Cliffhanger in Us All

God Said...


Slow Dance

The Gift of Prayer

The Pit

God Says

Our Life's Partner

It Depends...

No Jacket Required

Hearing God

A Letter

John 3:16...

How to Treat Others


Learning From Experience

Dear Church

Resting in His Way

Why Do They Act That Way?


God's Grace

One Courageous Voice

Some Happy Thoughts

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


Important Recall

Are You Scared?

I Refuse to be Discouraged

Mom's Last Laugh

Al Gore Speaks

More whipped cream, please!

Food for Thought

Good Stuff

Every Promise...

The 7-Ups

Growing Good Corn

Taking Aim

Who's Strength?

The Dress

An Inspiring Mind

A Real Bargain

George Bush's Testimony



Grandma and the Cake

Something Cute & Something Not

The Harvest

The Littlest Firefighter

Christian Bumper Stickers

Life is a Theater - Invite Your Audience Carefully

23rd Psalm Revisited

Computer Poem for Over 30

Dad's Approval

A Word from Jeff Russell


That's How God Is

Middle of the Bible

Abe Lincoln

Can't Take it With You

Brother Miller's Roadside Stand

Not Home Yet

Traveling on My Knees

In The Army of God

Thank you Lord, for the Thorns

More Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Candy Cane Story

Tranquil Thoughts

A Day in God's Court

A Party Invitation

A Parents Job Description

If I Could Never Talk to God

Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Is Anyone Missing Baby Jesus?

The Littlest Requests

Jesus is Better

Some Things to Think About

Origin - The 12 Days of Christmas

Will the Christ Child Come?

Have You Ever?....

Who is Walking in Our Steps?

Christmas Eve

Facts of Life

It isn't Xmas - It's Christmas

Christmas Child

Twas the night before Christmas...Mommy style

Santas Prayer

Christmas Medley

The Geese

The Invitation

The Symbolism Behind the 12 Days


The meaning of Swaddling Clothes


New Years Eve

My Resolution

Honoring Grandparents

He Was Faithful



Future Home

To Whom Shall I Go?

Good for the Soul

A Man and His Dog

Did Jesus Use a Modem?

Just Being a Christian

Family Patchwork

I Believe-

The Paradox of Our Time

Good Friends

Sowing in Tears


Just BE

Text of Prayer at Bush's Swearing-in

Special Edition

A Love Story

Brighten Your Corner

The Old Fisherman

A Hope

Cut the Rope

Money - On the Lighter Side

The Facts of the Matter

You'll Find Jesus There

Twists and Turns

The Center of the Bible

Moving Thoughts

That's God

The Witness

The Offering

The Red Wagon

I Won't - Ever

Eagles in a Storm - Prayer Chain

Running Through the Rain

I Remember That

A Bad Day

The Roses

The Faith of a Child

Just a Quarter

Through the Eyes of a Kid

Putting God Back in 1st Place

Things Sure Have Changed

His Needs, Her Needs

Statements Worth Repeating

The Lesson

The Difference

Ain't Home Yet

Start Over

The Jar

What Are You Like?

Salvation is Free, But It's Not Cheap

A Rich Merchant

If Jesus Came to Your House

Billy's Mission

The Pew


What is the Bible

God's Grace

The Wooden Bowl

Love's Tug of War

A Light For God's House

What About Michael?

The Sacrifice

Five Simple Rules to Live By

Morse Code Revelation

God's Favorite Joke

Thoughts to Ponder


Don't Say You're Not Important

America the Beautiful

Useful Proverbs

How Blessed We Are

I'll Do Better Tomorrow

Celebrity of God

A Travelers Guide to Heaven

Wee Witness

Memo From God!....Thanks

The Richest Person in Babylon

An Eagle Knows

Thanks For All You Do

An Easter Story Cookies

Learning to Wait on the Lord

Tools for Sale

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

Resurrection Morn

Getting Older

The Cross Upon the Hill

The Shoes

Here's How It Is

Impeded Prayers

A Little Witness

Her Baby's Tiny Hands

Bookmarked For Life

Angels in the Alley

A Perfect Heart

Practical Marriage Tips

Jesus is Real

The Beautiful Color of Love

God's Resume

The Yellow Shirt

Leadership or Servanthood?

A Man and His Dog

Wise Investment

Pluged In?

Rest in Him

A Mother's Love

My Quilt

Mother's Day 2001

Great One-Liner's

Heard in 1959

The Angels

The Pink Dress

Tell Those Who Don't Know


Pearls of Wisdom

Touching Someone's Life

Unexpected Blessings

Memorial Day Thoughts

A Story Of Four Wives

Midnight Shadows Murkey

Is the Price Too High?

God's Grace

A Special Prayer

The Harsh Reality of Poverty

Judging Character

When Do We Need Revival?

Carl's Garden

See You in the New Jerusalem

The Donkey

Practical Proverbs




Where Are the Men and Women?

Ice Cream Sandwiches and a Sunday Afternoon

I Didn't Appreciate

The Things They Carried

Moving Forward

10 More to Contemplate

A Christian Example

The Masters Card

Trust Me

Good Won't Get You There

Today I Taught My Child...

Seeing Jesus Empty-Handed

The Beginning

Great Ideas to Think Upon

Down in the Dumps

Running through the Rain

Macau Missions Update

Cheer Up

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